Writer Omar Ardito

Writer Omar Ardito, was born in São Paulo – Brazil, with Italian descent, ace stories from his father about humanity inspired him to build works that cause fear and controversy. At 22 he wrote “The Life Out Earth” At 26 he married and on a difficult relationship with a young woman who had no vision of the world and suffocated with everyday ideas. 27 wrote: “love many lives” he believed that his wife was the woman of other lives, in the end, was deeply disappointed.

He ended up divorcing after 29 years. He started several trips around the world to better understand about the workings of life and discover a new philosophy that would be accepted immediately

Your thoughts do not leave him alone. He wanted to find answers to some phenomena that aroused his curiosity. At 35, he enjoyed mysticism, joined will Honorable Order of Master Horus, after passing through several secret associations.

And finally found peace, his quest for answers to many secrets was coming to an end. At that time, it was revealed to him the Horus Portal which is located on the city of Pouso Alegre in Minas Gerais in Brazil. So he decided to write: “The PORTAL CASE”, at 36 years of age. And at age 40 he wrote “The GRAND MASTER HORUS” in honor of his glorious order. then he went on and through their studies and dedication, wrote: “BABYRON PROJECT”, still continuing the work, he quickly wrote the book: “THE POPE’S KIDNAPPING”.